Duncan Smith, owner of VLC Properties, is a recognized, qualified real estate agent and fully complies with the new mandatory regulations that require all estate agents in the Valencia Community to register. All real estate agents operating in the Valencia Community are required to comply with legal obligations and register before October 2023.

To be able to register as a real estate agent, a professional degree or a minimum of 200 hours training is the minimum requirement, followed by various exams to demonstrate that you are aware of the legal standards in order to adequately assist people in their search for their home.

Duncan Smith has obtained 3 diplomas, AG23-S1759 - 200 hours, BLAG23-S1743 - 30 hours & PRDAG23-S1729 - 20 hours, as a result of successfully completing the Spanish language course, passing the exams with a pass rate of 93%


VLC Properties. API (Agentes de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria)

Mandatory Registration Broker

Registration to work as a real estate agent in the Valencia Community – our legal registration details. Our real estate agency is registered in the mandatory Registration of Real Estate Agents in the Valencia Community thanks to the diplomas obtained.

                                                                    Duncan Smith is registered under number RAICV2434


API professional association

In addition to being registered in the aforementioned mandatory registration of the Valencia Community, our company is also a member of the API Professional Association (Agentes de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria) – APISPA_00879. This is an associated network of real estate professionals that has been active in Spain for many years, and associated with the aim to ensure best practice, ethical business practices and secure transactions in the real estate industry.

VLC Properties is registered in this association through the Asociación Nacional de Agentes Inmobiliarios (ANAI), and this registration, in addition to the aforementioned legal obligations for registration, imposes further checks and requirements that members must comply with.

We are therefore proud members of the API – Agente de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria – a professional association of real estate agents that has been present in Spanish real estate for many years. Being part of the API means signing up to a code of conduct that includes commitments to education, experience, and a comprehensive code of ethics.

The fact that we are registered in the legal registry of the Valencia Community and are part of the API professional association gives maximum guarantees to our buyers about our working method and qualifications. 

Mandatory insurance

Of course, we have also taken out the necessary insurances so that you always have a full guarantee.

Insurance for client deposits with the company Credito y Caución, policy number 4.249.860

Civil liability insurance with the company Catalana Occidente, policy number 8-10.294.144-Y

Regulation regarding registration as an approved broker - API member

Until 2022, working as a real estate agent in the Valencia Community (the regions of Alicante, Castellón and Valencia) did not require any special qualification or guarantee towards clients.

In 2022, the regulation was approved and stipulated that all real estate agents operating in the Valencia Community must be registered by October 2023 at the latest in order to continue to operate legally. This regulation aims to protect customers (both sellers and buyers) and to ensure professional practice and safe real estate transactions.

Identification - who do you work with?

Duncan Smith - VLC Properties. – with Spanish fiscal ID ESX2946023E

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